Dark Matter

16 Jul

Generally accepted by cosmologists is the idea that all the matter in the universe we can detect, not only at optical wavelengths but also at other wavelengths, corresponds to only about 7% of all matter. Furthermore, nobody knows what the other 93% of matter is made of – maybe the Large Hadron Collider at CERN might answer this question. There is much effort in the scientific community to discover the nature of this dark matter. Perhaps one day someone will discover a “sail” that we can ride on the stormy sea of dark matter, which is passing through our bodies at a tremendous rate. Such a sail would certainly solve our energy and transport needs for the next few centuries.

What is interesting is what speed and what direction the dark matter wind is blowing in our local swimming hole. Is it tangential to the centre of the galaxy, or in some other direction?

What is doubly interesting is what is the sailcloth made of?