Issue 28


Science on Television by Bienvenido León was published on 6th September 2007. The book is a clear and systematic guide to the narrative and rhetorical techniques used by science documentary filmmakers. The book is priced at £18.50, but for direct orders we are offering a 20% discount.


Motivating Science, a collection of articles from the first five years of The Pantaneto Forum is available from bookshops. We are offering a 20% discount for direct orders.


There are very few genuinely interdisciplinary conferences which cover both the humanities and the sciences. The first of a series of such conferences under the title: ‘Science Matters’ was held in May in Portugal and attracted a wide-ranging group of participants. In this issue of The Pantaneto Forum, we report a digest of a number of the contributions. The next conference in the series is planned for 2009.


In a reference to Kant’s Categorical Imperative, Wolfgang Goede underlines science journalist’s special ethical responsibilities and suggests the adoption of a symbol for the World Federation of Science Journalists to represent this important aspiration – suggestions welcome.


Anyone who has been interviewed by the media will testify to the trauma, particularly for those without experience or training. A useful checklist is provided by Patricia Thomas. ‘Thirteen Tips for Great Media Interviews’ does not claim to be an exhaustive list of dos and don’ts, but it is a quick guide to avoiding major faux pas.


The significance of ‘culture’ sets human beings apart from other species. In ‘Readers vs. Breeders’ David Boersema questions this statement by looking at the role of cooperation within an evolutionary biological perspective. He sees culture: ‘as an environment, habitat or niche for particular organisms, rather than as a force’.

Nigel Sanitt

ISSN 1741-1572


Conference Report

The First International Conference on ‘Science Matters’: A Unified Perspective. Ericeira, Portugal, May 28-30, 2007.


A categorical imperative for science journalists, Wofgang C. Goede

Thirteen Tips for Great Media Interviews, Patricia Thomas

Readers vs. Breeders, David Boersema