Issue 1

Issue 1: January 2001


Welcome to the first issue of The Pantaneto Forum. Our first two articles cover aspects of science in the media from both sides of the divide. Professor Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, from The Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge and Professor Ian Hargreaves from Cardiff who is former Editor of The Independent.

Professor David Ball of the School of Health, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Middlesex, discusses the different conceptions of risk in the public and scientific arenas, and Professor Jesús Mosterín of the Institute of Philosophy, Madrid, analyses scientific observations in terms of their underlying technological basis.

I hope that in future issues we will continue to maintain as wide a range of backgrounds of contributors as in this issue, in keeping with the multidisciplinary nature of the journal.

Nigel Sanitt


Science, Communication and the Media Martin Rees
Who’s Misunderstanding Whom? Ian Hargreaves
Safety First, Second, or by Random Selection? David Ball
Technology-Mediated Observation Jesús Mosterín